Getting Start

Now the whole system has been installed. Let’s explore functions of the system.


To login to your system, go to http://[yourserver]/openemr, follow the instruction to enter your username and password.

Home Page Overview

After login, the home page display a left sidebar and main content area on the to the right of the left sidebar. The leftside bar contains main navigation functionalities which we will cover in the later sections. The main content area shows a small calender and a schedule sheet for one day.


Check for schedule

If you have created an event/appointment/encounter on a specific day, you can check them out by clicking on specific date on calender.

Add new appointment/encounter

Click on the Add button in the section above main window, filling the appointment/encounter information in the pop-up window, you will create a new appointment encounter.

Search for appointment/encounter

Click on the Search buttton in the section above main window, filling the search requirements.

Go to today’s schedule

Click on Today button in the section above main window will bring bring you to today’s schedule.

Change views for schedule

Click on the Day, Week or Month button to switch to a different schedule view option to “View Schedule by Day”, “View Schedule by Week” and “View Schedule by Month”.

Add a new patient

Click on the NEW PATIENT button, you can search for an existing patient or add a new patient.

System Navigation

This section will cover the navigation of FOCUS Clinic Information Recording System, the navigation guild will start from the main home page.

How To

Check Patients

To check patients in the system, click on the All Patients or Patients on the leftside bar, it will lead to page contain all patients information.


Check individual patient

Click on a patient in the table will lead you to page that contains information for a patient individual.


Encounter/Reminder/Appointment List for individual patient

By Clicking on the Encounter List, Reminder List and Appointment List, will lead to all encounters, reminders and appointments for that patient

Create new encounter/appointment for patient

Click on New Encounter and New Appointment buttons to create new encounter and new appointment for this patient.

Check Encounter

To check encounter in the system, click on All Encounters under Navigation tab.


Click on the date of encounter will lead you to Encounter’s page.


Create a reminder for encounter

Use New Reminder button.

Go to Encounter List for the patient

Use Back to Encounter List button.

Create Reminder for a Encouter